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The ever increasing avalanche of freebies keeps on rolling and floods my inventory. Here are some of my latest spoils:

Skin: ai skinsKEON – male skin – goatee (Gift for joining their Subscribe-O-Matic)

Outfit: Dark MadameMens Eagle Outfit (XstreetSL)

Shoes: J’s Laceup Short Boots (Join J’s Update Group and touch Santa)

Skin: #38 GLEY xtc Designs – Caleb Goatee 1

Outfit: Dark MadameMens Sept Freebie (XstreetSL)

Belt: Bryce Designs +KlusterFuk+ Spell it Out [5 Blocks] (Today only!!)

Knife & Pose: Kad DesignNoR Hunter Knife (Update: Use these keys, to draw “Shift+F12″, to sling “Control+F12″. Tip: Rez a second knife, fit it to wear in your avatar’s right hand, and the fighting moves will look even more realistic!)

Boots: *COCO*_CHRISTMAS-GIFT – Black (Join *COCO* UPDATE GROUP and check notices)

From Left to Right

Skin: #38 GLEY xtc Designs –Caleb Stubble

Outfit: Chimney Hunt 048 .:Acid & Mala Creations:.

Skin: #38 GLEY xtc Designs –Caleb Beard

Sweater: :Robbish:X-masBox [RedOrange (Clothing)] (Today only!!)

Skin: #38 GLEY xtc Designs –Caleb Goatee 2

Tank: KamikazeHeart Freebie (1 L$)

Skin: #38 GLEY xtc Designs –Caleb Liner 1

Sweater: KamikazeZipper Sweater Xmas Edition 2009 (L$ 1)

Shoes: Candy Cane Hunt -!MPOSSIBLE (blogged before)

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There was a fight but it’s over, a battle of wits and bad taste.

Now there’s peace in the outback once again, lol!

Skin: ai skinsSINOSUKE – male skin – bare (Today only L$ 5 !)

Hair: Bryce DesignsPoser – Coals – Graphite (not free)

Eyes: MADesigns EYES_REFLEKTOR – fury [Group Gift, join Kmadd Enterprise]

Jacket/Shirt Combination: Style ExtremSE Gift (Leather Jacket)

Boomerang: Abranimations * Boomerang * (Today = Friday 11th only!!)

Pants/Sneakers: Candy Cane Hunt -!MPOSSIBLE (Hint: Take the right road, look inside the small store under a shelf, and/or follow the emerald!)

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Nothing noble about this mission, just searching seemingly endlessly for all those boxes of the PoE (= Peace on Earth) Hunt. Just wish I had more support to help find those globes. Some are quite well hidden and the updated Emerald Viewer Area Search Function is a letdown.

Unpacking the globes isn’t too much fun either as many don’t contain guy stuff. Actually, I can’t show you anything worthwile from that hunt today but fortunately there are the advent calendars from Bryce Designs and Abranimations.

Don’t forget though: You have only about four hours left to get their daily gifts for Thursday the 10th!

Hair: Bryce DesignsBryce Pack – Sunderland (Today = the 10th only!!)

Shirt: DeetalezFaN ShoPPiNg Chat

Guns: AbranimationsEqualizer Hand Guns 1.118 (Today = the 10th only!!)

Pants: Wilson’sDecember 2009 free gift

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!XTC! Designs Owner, Baby Shortbread, hasn’t forgotten the men and sent me her Peace On Earth Hunt Gift-Male (POE globe #205) …

Hair: Chimney Hunt 065 Bryce Designs – Whitewash – Brewce

Bermudas (left): Curious Kitties *C:K* Loulm Pants (FREE)


as well as her Jingle Bell Hunt Male Gift (JBH #-84) which weren’t previously included in the packages.

For all you early birds that means, be sure to go back and get yourself the updated gifts!

Hair: Chimney Hunt 065 Bryce Designs – Bold Reds – Poser


Btw: Katharine McGinnis from Intrigue Co. has a lot of new fun gifts at her store for you guys. Here are a few:

T-Shirts: His/Hers Package shirts (Snowflake Gridwide hunt, find the snowflake)

Floating Stocking: Snowflake Gridwide hunt (find the snowflake)

Boxers: Chili Peppers Boxers (Lucky Chair prize)

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C’est pour toi que je me bats, mon cœur, …

Hair: A&A Charly Hair Darkbrown (L$1 on XstreetSL)

Bolo Tie: Chimney Hunt 090 Frippery

Outfit: Chimney Hunt 010 NachtMusik

Gloves: !MPOSSIBLERacing GlovesBrown (Midnight Mania Prize)

Katana: Abranimations - Advent Gift Day 7 (only till midnight SLT, get it at once!!)

Garter with Knife: Little Britain Designscomes with Ripped Appart M Outfit

Boots: POE globe #195 Simply Seraphs (mens)


seulement pour toi!

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Wow, got this cool sledge from Santa today and couldn’t wait to try it out.

Do I look as if it’s freezing outside? Lol!

Skin: #023 FROST PATH Flirt! Jack Frost Skin

Sweater & Beanie: Happy Christmas from sf design

Pants & Shoes: .::PeppermintBlue::. 091204 NewbieAssistancePack

Have a great Santa Claus Day!

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Ok, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Necklace: SW FreebieNecklace/Kette “Elva” Kadhir (free on XstreetSL)

Outfit: POE globe #025 WoE

Gloves: !Never EverNE! Giftbox from Advent Calendar (today only!!)

Shirt (right): .::macho::. rockstar chimse

Shoes: GLOSSY DESIGN furniture – GLOSSY-A-shoes [dark grey] (free on XstreetSL)

And here’s another one:

Coat: PoE Globe #209 Juice .:. Fresh Menswear (comes in 3 sizes)

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Due to my colleagues from FFFM having already covered a lot of the gifts currently available at Pasarella (hint: check on and under their Christmas tree), I can concentrate on the remaining three new outfits (plus 2 hairs) and show you my favourite one at the same time: The Count Outfit!

The Count Outfit was owner Destiny Leimes’ gift for The Vampire Hunt (right side of picture). Although that hunt is over,  she was so kind to leave the prezzie out for anyone who might have missed it.

The jacket (short version) from this hunt, btw, fits perfectly with her new gift for the PoE Hunt – globe #188 (left side of picture).

Hair: CKH :: 028 :: P A S A R E L L A

Okay, so here are the other two new outfits you can find on the Christmas tree:



Outfit: 11. Shining Stars – PASARELLA

Necklace: POE globe #098 Kunstkammer



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If you are looking for a new suit but don’t want another one in standard black, blue, grey or brown, you can be helped:

Penelope Heron from !MPOSSIBLE FASHION offers this nice eggplant coloured suit to all who find the POE globe #091 at her store in Dubya City.

And that’s not all, folks. You also get a L$ 50 Giftcard with this package as well as some extravagant heels for your girlfriend.

Although all items are transferable don’t be too lazy to get the suit yourselves, wink! It’s all in a day’s work like Monty Python used to say. :)

Btw: I promised to not give the exact location away but I can give you a hint: Don’t avoid the far corner regions and slap the MM Board on your way!

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Now you didn’t think I would dress up as an elf, did you? Phhh  …

Bad enough I have to wear a tie!

Cap&Hair, Tattoed Skin, Glasses: old freebies

Shirt: .::NOSOTR@S::. December Hunt 2nd {SH Red Boys & Girls} Dollarbie, get it fast!

Tie: !Never EverGiftbox # 3 from Advent Calendar (today only!!)

Pants: WoEGRJ-M6a Kole Jeans – Midnight (69L$ Hump Day Happiness, today only!!)

Leg Wrap: [Misfit] The Drummer Legband

Sneakers: ::Maschienenwerk:: LowTop II RED

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