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Kumaki Glasses Style is a very productive company. I have mentioned a few of their new pay items lately and completely overlooked the obvious: Their free group gifts.

First of all, join NALA &K_gs Update Group here and click the second sign for your BlueCamo version of their headphones (K_gs StepNote_BlueCamo 1.00 for wear around neck or on head). Btw: There’s a PinkCamo version to be won on one of their Lucky Boards.

Then, check the groups notices and download more cool items:

1. The watch (K_gs WristWatch 2010 Tiger) was sent twice.

2. Last but not least you can download a great pair of glasses (koguma_megane331 Mytabie 1.00) from the notices. You can …
– choose between 10 different lens and frame colours,
– switch between wear on nose and wear on forehead,
– use shine and/or glow and
– decide on one of five transparency options.

(click picture to enlarge)

Hair: Bryce Designs ~ Vibe – Coals – Graphite (not free)

Outfit (incl. shoes): # 81 JFTG Hunt Grumble Grumble

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Okay, it’s a lot better than the headline might sound, lol. As a matter of fact this mini hunt at RoTtEn DeFiAnCe is very easy to do. Since I don’t know how long it’ll last, you better get your goodies fast!

I found 3 items (of 5 male ones of 10 total) I liked and/or could actually fit to my avatar. It’s beyond me why pant cuffs shouldn’t be modifiable or resizable, so all I can say is: You need some patience, a lot of patience, turning and shoving especially the skinny ones to a decent fit – but it’s quite worth it as you can see!

(click picture to enlarge)

Shoes: # 22 JFTG Hunt ::STRAY:: Neko Wear


Glasses: Kumaki Glasses StyleK_gs Atmosphere2 (not free)

Shirt: RoTtEn DeFiAnCe[*RD*]*Rotten Hunt #9 – Grunge Shirt

Pants: RoTtEn DeFiAnCe[*RD*]*Rotten Hunt #6 – Brown Cord Pants


Shirt: EquilibriumDesigner Uniao (join Subscribe-O-Matic and check history)

Pants: RoTtEn DeFiAnCe[*RD*]*Rotten Hunt #10 – Stitch Jeans


Scarf: Curious Kitties*C:K* *UPDATE GROUP GIFT* Razor Cut Plaid Scarf (needs some editing via edit linked parts to not cut through your shoulder)

Outfit: #75 JFTG HuntTrixxy’s Shop

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Okay, today Grandmaster YF challenges DJ Yves. Let’s see who wins! :)

(click picture to enlarge)


Grandmaster YF, details see Picture # 2


Hair: Lag Designs – “Fringe” (blogged before)

Headphones: Kumaki Glasses StyleK_gs StepNote 1.00/Mouth (A PinkCamo version can be won on the Lucky Board, this buy version is colour changeable. Update: On top, a BlueCamo version is available as Group Gift, join NALA &K_gs Update Group!)

Watch: Kumaki Glasses StyleK_gs WristWatch 2010 Tiger (Update: This is a Group Gift! Join NALA &K_gs Update Group and check notices!)

Tattoo: Wicked Tattoos – Viral Tattoo (not free, blogged before)

Outfit: Trixxy’s Shop – Jessy (60 L$ on Super-Bargain Saturday. Info: Every Saturday a group of designers will place a special item maked down to 60 Linden in front of their mainstore. The item will be available from 12am SLT on Saturday until 11:59pm SLT on Saturday.)

Shoes: #49 JFTG Hunt – Kalnins Fashion (colour changeable via menu, blogged before)

Cap: Wicked TattoosWicked Camo Cap

Skin + Shape: MaschienenwerkKwami (not free)

Glasses: Kumaki Glasses StyleK_gs Schwarz_GW 1.00 (not free)

Tattoo Chest: SteiFeldBamboo TaTToO (Group Gift)

Tattoo Arm: kARNAL rAGE – Celtic Heart Tattoo (old MHO freebie)

Outfit & Headset: PeppermintBlue100108 Newbie Assistance Pack

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Mixing some stuff here for my Goth look of the day.

The shoes from Kalnins Fashion are definitely not to be missed! You can choose between seven different colours – enough for almost any occasion.

(click picture to enlarge)

Glasses: Kumaki Glasses StyleK_gs Iolite 1.00 (not free)

Gas Mask: Helen Allen’s SteamPunk GadgetsSteamPunk Gas Mask 1.4 (colour changeable)

Necklace: Helen Allen’s SteamPunk GadgetsStinging Beauty 1.1

Watch: Helen Allen’s SteamPunk GadgetsWrist Watch 2.1 (old MM prize, no longer free)

Suit: # 72 JFTG Huntj Designs (multiple wear options)

Shoes: #49 JFTG HuntKalnins Fashion (colour changeable via menu)

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When he returned, his butt was almost frozen, his skin blue from the biting cold outside.

(click picture to enlarge)

Hair: # 63 JFTG Hunt Lag Designs (Brit Black w/ Fringe)

Skin: 40 Below Hunt #60 Killer Dimples Designs [KDD]

Glasses: Kumaki Glasses StyleA Good World – Type Est (new, not free)

Jacket: #37 JFTG Hunt Juice .:. Fresh Menswear

Pants: #32 JFTG Hunt .::Delirium::. (comes with Tee)

But once inside the safety of his abode, the colour soon returned to his cheeks and his eyes started dreaming of warmer hunting grounds again.

(click picture to enlarge)

Hair: # 63 JFTG Hunt Lag Designs (Brit Dk. Brown)

Outfit: #26 JFTG Hunt HLD (look up/poster)

Necklace, Bracelet, Belt, Lip Ring: #35 JFTG Hunt Twisted & Spoiled

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Yeah, I know it’s already January the 2nd but why stop? No one having a carnival event somewhere, lol? Burp … sorry … no pictures please!

(click picture to enlarge)

First the non-freebie/non available accessories:

Hair & Cap: Bryce Designs ~ Champ B – Coals – Graphite (old freebie/not free)

Glasses: Kumaki Glasses StyleK_gs Tluevamy 1.00 (not free)

Tie: [SS] Design – Orange Plaid tie (around the neck, old freebie/no longer available)

Shoes: hoorenbeekDress Shoes (not free)

Now for the goodies:

Shirt: Group Gift from Cup of Crown Update Group C.o.C. (check notices)

Cardigan: Cute FashionDan cardigan red

Pants: SLDGTH #092Great Royal Wife Designs

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Another day, another role-play!

This morning Gabby6b Giano, owner of Knights Innovations, surprised me with her newest work which will be up for grabs in the Midnight Mania Boards @ Hidden Desires in the next round.

These three versions of the Badlands Wanderer, each with multiple wear options, are definitely not to be missed. Keep an eye out for them!

(click picture to enlarge)

Goggles: Kumaki Glasses StyleK_gs Feliz TypeB 1.00 (not free)

Outfit: Badlands 1 p

(click picture to enlarge)

Outfit: Badlands 2 p

(click picture to enlarge)

Outfit: Badlands 3 p

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Okay, this is gonna be a work in progress blog post i.e. one with multiple updates.

I’m gonna show you step by step what nice stuff I found along my way through this SL winter wonderland tonight. Merry Xmas to all!

(click picture to enlarge)

Glasses: Kumaki Glasses StyleK_gs Faure 1.00 (not free)

Outfit: RobbishAdvent Calendar Gift # 24 (only today!!)

Scarf: Mustang Trading PostMen’s neck wrap (Click the picture not the parcel!)

Watch: JBH #53 (SiamInk Designs) (Hint: look up)


(click picture to enlarge)

Hair: Bryce DesignsClem – Coals – Flint (not free)

Glasses: Kumaki Glasses StyleK_gs TVGlasses (Lucky Board Prize)

Necklace & Ring: +grasp+/skull ring&necklace (group gift)

Tattoo & T-Shirt: Wicked TattoosMen’s Christmas Gift (Join group and check notices. Don’t forget to slap the MM board while you are there and a group member. The gift includes a number of other goodies!)

Jeans: ::LikeA:: Group Gift DENIM Std BLUE 301

Sneakers: :Robbish:GROUP ITEM (X-Mas)


(click picture to enlarge)

Hair & Eyes: KMADD - VIP Christmas Group GIFT (join KMADD Enterprise)


Wrist Cuffs: +grasp+/Leather Bracelet/for group


to be continued

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Cool or elegant, but always a gentleman!

(click picture to enlarge)

Glasses: Kumaki Glasses StyleK_gs CatzEyeR4 (not free)

Jacket: Muism – Winter 09 Xmas group gift [Male]

Rest of Outfit (incl. Shoes): Casey’s CreationsGuys Day 9 Present

(click picture to enlarge)

Hair: BrycePoser – Bold Reds – Crimson (old freebie, can be bought)

Glasses: Kumaki Glasses StyleK_gs Cocos 1.00 (not free)

Jacket & Shirt: M+M“moTions” Xmas TH No.4 (click the black/green box # 4 and type /4 houx into chat)

Suit (incl. Shoes): Casey’s CreationsGuys Day 10 Present

A Merry Christmas to all my Readers and Sponsors!

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Ok, just the plain facts. The Down the Chimney Hunt finishes tomorrow, December 20th, so it’s about time to get all those goodies if you haven’t done so yet.

I blogged a few of them in the past weeks but haven’t gotten around to mentioning all the good stuff available. Therefore, I’m happy that my colleague Raeyn from Free Finds For Men posted an overview of where to go today.

My colleague Tarsis from Make Him Over covered a lot of the other stuff that’s up for grabs this weekend but I just have to show you this green jacket from CheerNo again. After all, these are the red and green days of the year so when else to wear it.

And, not to forget, I needed something to go with my new green boots. Join the Ncplus & Rooms group to get them if you haven’t already picked them up yesterday together with the necklace I blogged from them. I had a small prob with the upper parts of the boots which kept resetting to default size after taking them off, but resizing and fitting them and then deleting the script solved the problem for me. Be sure to keep a copy of the scripted version though, just in case.

(click picture to enlarge)

Hair: Chimney Hunt 080 Shag Hair

Glasses: Chimney Hunt 069 Kumaki Glasses Style

Jacket: CheerNo Vento Jacket GreeN GIFT

Shirt: INDI DesignsShirt red (this week’s dollarbie)

Pants: Chimney Hunt 067 MIASNOW – JEANS Ripped ~ brownish (unisex)

Shoes: [NC]-Boots010-Green-[Xmas-GroupGift] (join Ncplus & Rooms group)


Now hoorenbeek, they turn this weekend really into a pre-Xmas blast. They not only offer a great pair of boots for free at Le.Look! but also sent out a box of goodies containing a pair of sneakers in 10 different colour versions to their subscriber group.

The good thing: If you aren’t yet a member of that group, just tp to the store, register with one of the Subscribe-O-Matics and check in history (three more clicks needed for that). And you’ll even get some t-shirts as a welcome gift on top.

(click picture to enlarge)

Scarf: +grasp+ /Star patterned muffler/for group

Jacket: Casey’s CreationsGuys Day 6 Group Present (also wearable as long coat) join group near landing point

Pants: Chimney Hunt 067 MIASNOW – JEANS Ripped ~ black (unisex)

Sneakers: hoorenbeekChristmas Gift 2009 (one of ten colour versions)

(click picture to enlarge)

Boots: hoorenbeek : LE.LOOK! l’homme

Okay guys, lots of fun work waiting for you. Enjoy!

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