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As you can see, this hunt has something for everybody: streetwear, casual look and/or retro elegance.

(click picture to enlarge)


Outfit (incl. Tattoo): # 1 JFTG Hunt :. WoE .:


Sweater: # 3 JFTG Hunt BeReal

Pants: INDI DesignsFreebie Surprise Puzzle – Week 5 (Dollarbie)


Hair: # 8 JFTG Hunt Audacity

Outfit: # 9 JFTG Hunt Mire

Please consider this: Hunt items, even complete stores might get moved, so I cannot guarantee the permanent accuracy of the LMs. Have fun hunting guys!

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Where I live, Xmas is celebrated for 3 days though gifts are only exchanged on the evening of the 24th.

Fortunately, in SL the gifting doesn’t stop, so here are some more goodies for you to collect:

(click picture to enlarge)

Eyes: #38 GLEY xtc Designs (also includes a skin)

Hair: Little Britain DesignsNight Raven (new but not free!)

Jacket & Pants: **W&D** Fashion DesignBuon Natale!!_male (available till Dec. 31st, join ***Wild & Demetra*** Fashion Design)


There are some new cool role-playing outfits to be had from the MM Boards @ Knights Innovations Main Mall.

One of them is Mercenery male 1 (hand pike not included), just 27 more slaps needed for the board to lock! Don’t wait too long!

(click picture to enlarge)


Last but not least here’s some unisex apparel: The Snow Hoodie group gift from Acid & Mala and the Tribal Jeans from WoE (check history of Subscribe-O-Matic for that one).

How far the latter is suited for you is not only a matter of taste. It also depends on whether you make it a matter of principle which way your fly is buttoned. I guess few of us would even notice, after all, it doesn’t really serve any practical purpose here in SL –  don’t you agree, lol?

(click picture to enlarge)

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Ok, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Necklace: SW FreebieNecklace/Kette “Elva” Kadhir (free on XstreetSL)

Outfit: POE globe #025 WoE

Gloves: !Never EverNE! Giftbox from Advent Calendar (today only!!)

Shirt (right): .::macho::. rockstar chimse

Shoes: GLOSSY DESIGN furniture – GLOSSY-A-shoes [dark grey] (free on XstreetSL)

And here’s another one:

Coat: PoE Globe #209 Juice .:. Fresh Menswear (comes in 3 sizes)

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Now you didn’t think I would dress up as an elf, did you? Phhh  …

Bad enough I have to wear a tie!

Cap&Hair, Tattoed Skin, Glasses: old freebies

Shirt: .::NOSOTR@S::. December Hunt 2nd {SH Red Boys & Girls} Dollarbie, get it fast!

Tie: !Never EverGiftbox # 3 from Advent Calendar (today only!!)

Pants: WoEGRJ-M6a Kole Jeans – Midnight (69L$ Hump Day Happiness, today only!!)

Leg Wrap: [Misfit] The Drummer Legband

Sneakers: ::Maschienenwerk:: LowTop II RED

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I love long weekends – those without work that is. So, no wonder you haven’t heard from me in a while. I admit to having been lazy in RL – no SL-hunts, no MM Board slapping, no freebie collecting – just relaxing. Fantastic!

Here’s some stuff I picked up before. You may have seen parts of it elsewhere but hopefully not in this combination, lol!


Hair: MADesigns – VIP Reward Picks Reward Gift (AKAMI ~ BWT I v2) blogged before

Skin: STYLES – VIP Package Male

Tank: Maschienenwerk – Used *Tank-Tops* 3 Colors (blogged before)

Necklace: Find Ash – “FA”Double Necklace/gift (FA Update Group gift)

Bracelet: Shopping Bag TQ #6 (Hunt prize from The Shopping Bag Treasure Quest. I’m sorry but you have to look for it)

Belt: #18 JFTG HuntWoE

Pants: Slice of Summer Hunt # 56Little Britain Designs – Hells Angels M

Boots: Little Britain Designs – New Rock Black Mad Max Boots (not free)

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Here are some ensembles from the JFTG Hunt I like the best.

The skin (*Pablo* Sunkissed/Bald/Shaved) used in these photographs is the new pick reward from [KA] DESIGNS.

tees 1



Outfit (including Glasses and Shoes): #27 JFTG Hunt[SS] Design



Polo Shirt: #25 JFTG HuntBalAni @ BeReal Fashion District (check the lamp)

Pants: #8 JFTG HuntJuice

Shoes: #42 JFTG HuntHeart And Sole



T-Shirt: #5 JFTG HuntPrimitive Design (check top of vendor)

Pants & Belt: #18 JFTG HuntWoE (check top of vendor)

Shoes: #42 JFTG HuntHeart And Sole

tees 2


Hair: Bryce Designs ~ Saul – Blacks – Tuxedo (Hair Fair freebie)

Shirt: #20 JFTG HuntArtful Cravings

Pants: #8 JFTG HuntJuice

Belt: #18 JFTG HuntWoE (check top of vendor)

Boots: Astaroth – Demon Boots Spiked (Lucky Chair Prize, blogged before)


Hair: Bryce Designs ~ Cosmo – Specials – Blue (Hair Fair freebie)

Tracksuit: #41 JFTG HuntEND

Pants: #22 JFTG HuntPEER Style

Shoes: #27 JFTG Hunt[SS] Design


Hair: #1 JFTG Hunt - MADesigns HAIR ~ BILLY BOSTON C1 ~ RD III

Sweater: #28 JFTG HUNT:::LiNe:::

Pants: #23 JFTG HuntPerfectionist

Shoes: #42 JFTG HuntHeart And Sole


PS: No guarantee  that the items haven’t been moved and you have to search them!

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Not so easy getting those blog entries posted when you’re doin’ time.


Hoodie: DemisePile parker Black (only available till end of May, get it fast!!)

Pants: WoE – Guys – Feed Your Head (TTLG Hunt #6)

Shoes: MIRAI STYLERain Opening Gift (thanks, Othniel Mostel!)

I made my escape wearing some old clothes that I “borrowed” from the prison gardener. I knew they would be on the news fast, so I traded garb with a homeless guy I met before this juice bar.

Hopefully my new outfit and green contact lenses will keep me safe for a while, I have a job to do!


Eyes: Virtuoso SkinsHigh Quality Free Deep Green Eyes Gift

Outfit including Belt (left): Dirty Boyz – Journeyz (MM Prize at the newly opened Midnight Mania Slap-a-thon, a mall with dozens of small stores (booth style) each with one or more MM boards which are reloaded multiple times a day. Starts May 29th and will run until June 7th!)

Outfit including Belt (right): Trixxy’s Shop – Make Him Over Gift (MHOH #15 – part of the new Make-Him-Over-Hunt just for Men starting next Monday and running till June 30th.)

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Today I made the mistake of completing “The Most Random Hunt Ever”.

Like most of the hunts before, it turned out to be a big disappointment regarding the quantity of interesting stuff for guys and therefore an almost complete waste of time.

On the other hand, it would be so easy for organizers to change this. Instead of forcing us men through hours of fruitless search for stuff we have to throw away afterwards anyway since we can’t transfer it to a female friend, why not include a second landmark which for example sends us from # 1 to # 34 and then to #68 and so on, so that we only get to search for items which might potentially really interest us.

This way we would be able to use the time not wasted to look around the shops where we find those gifts in. Wasn’t that the main reason for all these hunts? Get to know new shops? Ok, let’s hope someone who could change things actually reads this and hope for the best.

Let me show you now some of the stuff I picked up the rest of the way from the designers thinking of guys too. After # 10 and # 14 (see last days’ entries) I got lucky again @ # 20 (HCT = Here Comes Trouble). Their gift includes 2 pairs of jeans and 2 t-shirts:


Actually there is just one more item to mention, and you might call it the big finale, not only because it comes @ #44 when you’ve almost given up hope.

WoE‘s Shirt/Jeans/Studded Belt- combination (hint: get close with your camera to read what you get when you join their update group) is definitely the highlight of this hunt: especially the belt!


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