Maybe you already thought about how it would be to have your own blog but decided it would be too much work or take too much time to make it popular. Then, becoming a guest blogger or co-blogger for Fashion + Freebies For Men (@ our new location) might be ideal for you. You can blog just as much as you like and your time allows

So, ask yourself:

  • Do I like to hunt for freebies and share my finds with my friends?
  • Do I like to mix and match clothes and accessories to create a personal look?
  • Do I know how to take pictures that show the details of my outfit?

If the answer to all of these questions is a “Yes, where can I sign up?” please create a notecard with a sample post and list of landmarks (just the way I do it, lol) and send it with a picture in a folder to Yves Firlan. Don’t forget to add your name and information on when I can reach you best inworld to discuss further details.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Hello everybody!

Due to technical limitations here, I have decided to move my blog to another website.

You can now read the latest news about FASHION + FREEBIES FOR MEN @

===> http://FFforM.blogspot.com/ <===

Please change your bookmarks and subscribe to the new feed.

Sorry for the inconvenience! Hope to see you all there!


A Night Out

Carrying the moon on my shoulder but always well dressed!

Btw: This outfit, be it the elegant or the casual version, looks much better with a tie. I found mine in the depths of my inventory. I’m sure you have one flying around somewhere, too.

(click picture to enlarge)

Skin: #59 JFTG Hunt *Eye Candy Bodies* (check vendor poster on wall, be careful where you click!)


Have fun at the Menswear Fashion Week! Lots of other gifts to find!

There’s a new Lucky Chair prize to be won @ BOXED HEROES.

The challenge: You have less than 24 hours to get it.

To be precise: This offer runs out tomorrow, Tuesday, January 12th, at 2:00 PM PST (SL time). Good luck!

(click picture to enlarge)

There’s no stopping Gabby6b Giano gifting role-play fans with great new outfits on her MM Boards. They often lock more than once a day so watch out for the next round!

Here’s one of them (comes in 4 colour versions).

(click picture to enlarge)

Outfit: Knights InnovationsSaenz 2 P

This is the second outfit you can win,  Drakon! Comes in 4 colour versions (pictured: 2 P) and …

(click picture to enlarge)

multiple wear options!

(click picture to enlarge)

Colour your Life

Pasarella does it again and surprises us with 2 new outfits as hunt gifts. And yes, brown is a colour, too, lol!

Now we just need the weather to get better. 🙂

(click picture to enlarge)

Hair: Bryce Designs Adam – Salt & Peppers – Mist (not free)

Glasses: see last blog entry

Outfit left: # 27 JFTG Hunt – Pasarella

Necklace: VIRUS COLLECTION << VC >> Pendant – Gladsheim – gold (Group Gift)

Outfit right: NYR #1Pasarella

Kumaki Glasses Style is a very productive company. I have mentioned a few of their new pay items lately and completely overlooked the obvious: Their free group gifts.

First of all, join NALA &K_gs Update Group here and click the second sign for your BlueCamo version of their headphones (K_gs StepNote_BlueCamo 1.00 for wear around neck or on head). Btw: There’s a PinkCamo version to be won on one of their Lucky Boards.

Then, check the groups notices and download more cool items:

1. The watch (K_gs WristWatch 2010 Tiger) was sent twice.

2. Last but not least you can download a great pair of glasses (koguma_megane331 Mytabie 1.00) from the notices. You can …
– choose between 10 different lens and frame colours,
– switch between wear on nose and wear on forehead,
– use shine and/or glow and
– decide on one of five transparency options.

(click picture to enlarge)

Hair: Bryce Designs ~ Vibe – Coals – Graphite (not free)

Outfit (incl. shoes): # 81 JFTG Hunt Grumble Grumble