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Carrying the moon on my shoulder but always well dressed!

Btw: This outfit, be it the elegant or the casual version, looks much better with a tie. I found mine in the depths of my inventory. I’m sure you have one flying around somewhere, too.

(click picture to enlarge)

Skin: #59 JFTG Hunt *Eye Candy Bodies* (check vendor poster on wall, be careful where you click!)


Have fun at the Menswear Fashion Week! Lots of other gifts to find!


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BalAni starts the year with three nice gifts, literally dressing us from head to toe.

On the first picture I matched their complete outfit (including shoes & hat) from the Just for the Guys Hunt (# 16 JFTG) with the blazer you can get by registering with AllusionsSubscribe-O-Matic (check history),  the latest Kumaki Glasses (K_gs Mytabie, not free – read here) and yesterday’s MM tattoo gift from :Wicked Tattoos: called Serenity (Go slap the board for today’s Player Tattoo!).

(click picture to enlarge)

Hair: sf designfree hair to wear with hats

If you visit the Menswear Fashion Week (Jan. 8-16th), you can get a nice blue shirt interestingly called Safari Shirt at the BalAni booth (left side of picture #2).

It goes well with the white pants from their Hunt for the Forbidden Fruit gift (HFTFF #91, right side of picture) which you can find at their main store. It offers a lot of different wear options (especially if you are into the sailor look) but I chose one of the funny tees and was so blinded by my wrist watch (you can always switch off simple shaders :)) that I was happy not to fall over my own feet.

(click picture to enlarge)

Shoes: #49 JFTG Hunt – Kalnins Fashion (colour changeable via menu, blogged before)

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As you can see, this hunt has something for everybody: streetwear, casual look and/or retro elegance.

(click picture to enlarge)


Outfit (incl. Tattoo): # 1 JFTG Hunt :. WoE .:


Sweater: # 3 JFTG Hunt BeReal

Pants: INDI DesignsFreebie Surprise Puzzle – Week 5 (Dollarbie)


Hair: # 8 JFTG Hunt Audacity

Outfit: # 9 JFTG Hunt Mire

Please consider this: Hunt items, even complete stores might get moved, so I cannot guarantee the permanent accuracy of the LMs. Have fun hunting guys!

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A new year, a new hunt just for the guys. I’ll start my reporting with a three-part gift (# 6 JTFG Hunt) by Wilson’s Designs for men.

As always, you get some well-made, old-school (i.e. prim-part-less) clothes which, on the plus side, let you go well-dressed with low arc (= avatar rendering cost) to any laggy sim, festivity or high in demand activity (i.e. like this hunt). Just watch what hair and shoes you wear in addition!

(click picture to enlarge)

Hair: Bryce Designs ~ Richie – Blacks – Tuxedo (not free)

While you are there, don’t forget to look for the other gifts Marcy has hidden in her store!

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Yeah, I know it’s already January the 2nd but why stop? No one having a carnival event somewhere, lol? Burp … sorry … no pictures please!

(click picture to enlarge)

First the non-freebie/non available accessories:

Hair & Cap: Bryce Designs ~ Champ B – Coals – Graphite (old freebie/not free)

Glasses: Kumaki Glasses StyleK_gs Tluevamy 1.00 (not free)

Tie: [SS] Design – Orange Plaid tie (around the neck, old freebie/no longer available)

Shoes: hoorenbeekDress Shoes (not free)

Now for the goodies:

Shirt: Group Gift from Cup of Crown Update Group C.o.C. (check notices)

Cardigan: Cute FashionDan cardigan red

Pants: SLDGTH #092Great Royal Wife Designs

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Find any of the 8 coffins hidden @ Dilly Dolls for one of these suits (e.g. *DD* Lyden Brown).

They come in black with black tie/sleeves, black with blue tie/sleeves (or brown, green, pink, red, teal and violet respectively) and make a great outfit for tonight’s festive parties on retro/steampunk sims.

Btw: Be sure to enlarge the picture to get a better look at the detailed texture!

(click picture to enlarge)

Hair left: Bryce Designs ~ Richie – Blacks – Tuxedo (not free)

Hair right: Bryce Designs ~ Richie – Natural Browns – Bark (not free)

Duration of hunt: Till midnight SLT today, that’s a little less than 12 hours from now, so be quick!

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A Question of Shirt

This shirt or that one? Both need a little fitting, :)!

Left: MaschienenwerkDenim_ Shirt BLACK (also available in blue)

Right: Gabriel::GB::shirt with tie Snow (includes a white/silver coloured tie, too)

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