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There’s a new Lucky Chair prize to be won @ BOXED HEROES.

The challenge: You have less than 24 hours to get it.

To be precise: This offer runs out tomorrow, Tuesday, January 12th, at 2:00 PM PST (SL time). Good luck!

(click picture to enlarge)


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There’s no stopping Gabby6b Giano gifting role-play fans with great new outfits on her MM Boards. They often lock more than once a day so watch out for the next round!

Here’s one of them (comes in 4 colour versions).

(click picture to enlarge)

Outfit: Knights InnovationsSaenz 2 P

This is the second outfit you can win,  Drakon! Comes in 4 colour versions (pictured: 2 P) and …

(click picture to enlarge)

multiple wear options!

(click picture to enlarge)

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This well-made kilt comes with a tee, arm bracer and wrist cuffs. You can win it from the Midnight Mania Board @ Bellissima!

The boots, too, are a MM prize. Go slab the boards to get yours!

(click picture to enlarge)

Hair: Little Britain Designs – Night Raven (blogged before, not free)

Necklace: NYR #071[DC] Dangerous Cinsations

Outfit: BELLISSIMA!Bell_Leather Kilt – Black (MM Prize)

Shoes: [G.D.C] Polished Combat Boots (MM Prize)

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Mixing some stuff here for my Goth look of the day.

The shoes from Kalnins Fashion are definitely not to be missed! You can choose between seven different colours – enough for almost any occasion.

(click picture to enlarge)

Glasses: Kumaki Glasses StyleK_gs Iolite 1.00 (not free)

Gas Mask: Helen Allen’s SteamPunk GadgetsSteamPunk Gas Mask 1.4 (colour changeable)

Necklace: Helen Allen’s SteamPunk GadgetsStinging Beauty 1.1

Watch: Helen Allen’s SteamPunk GadgetsWrist Watch 2.1 (old MM prize, no longer free)

Suit: # 72 JFTG Huntj Designs (multiple wear options)

Shoes: #49 JFTG HuntKalnins Fashion (colour changeable via menu)

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But you better don’t let me catch you smoking, buster!

(click picture to enlarge)

Outfits: 2 of the new MM Board Prizes (commander 1 p & 4 p) by Knights Innovations, go slap ’em now!

Guns: M-K Creations – M/S Dual Uzi Black Semi-Auto V2.2 and Melee Switcher 1.0 Combat System (free on XstreetSL)

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Find any of the 8 coffins hidden @ Dilly Dolls for one of these suits (e.g. *DD* Lyden Brown).

They come in black with black tie/sleeves, black with blue tie/sleeves (or brown, green, pink, red, teal and violet respectively) and make a great outfit for tonight’s festive parties on retro/steampunk sims.

Btw: Be sure to enlarge the picture to get a better look at the detailed texture!

(click picture to enlarge)

Hair left: Bryce Designs ~ Richie – Blacks – Tuxedo (not free)

Hair right: Bryce Designs ~ Richie – Natural Browns – Bark (not free)

Duration of hunt: Till midnight SLT today, that’s a little less than 12 hours from now, so be quick!

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Another day, another role-play!

This morning Gabby6b Giano, owner of Knights Innovations, surprised me with her newest work which will be up for grabs in the Midnight Mania Boards @ Hidden Desires in the next round.

These three versions of the Badlands Wanderer, each with multiple wear options, are definitely not to be missed. Keep an eye out for them!

(click picture to enlarge)

Goggles: Kumaki Glasses StyleK_gs Feliz TypeB 1.00 (not free)

Outfit: Badlands 1 p

(click picture to enlarge)

Outfit: Badlands 2 p

(click picture to enlarge)

Outfit: Badlands 3 p

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