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Pasarella does it again and surprises us with 2 new outfits as hunt gifts. And yes, brown is a colour, too, lol!

Now we just need the weather to get better. 🙂

(click picture to enlarge)

Hair: Bryce Designs Adam – Salt & Peppers – Mist (not free)

Glasses: see last blog entry

Outfit left: # 27 JFTG Hunt – Pasarella

Necklace: VIRUS COLLECTION << VC >> Pendant – Gladsheim – gold (Group Gift)

Outfit right: NYR #1Pasarella


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Hi! Everybody still low on free underwear might want to take a trip to Costa Rica Sim to grab some of the gifts the local shop owners/designers have laid out for them near the landing point. Thanks, Annaluisa Bertolucci, for the heads up!

I’m wearing one of the Juju’s Closet Boxerz which come in grey and black but there’s other “builds” around. The t-shirt Monsterrrrrrrrr is from the same package but you can get others from WMD or B-side Couture.

The necklace is a gift from EMPEROR jewels and comes with bling on/off options. For the ring << VC >> GroupGift – Ring – Niflheim you have to travel elsewhere. Join Virus Collection and download their group gift from notices.

The Biker Boots are not free. They cost 40 L$ and can be bought from HOC Apparel. They offer two choices of buckle colours (silver, gold) and four choices of boot colours (black, grey, brown, burgundy).


PS: For all who missed the blue Polo Shirt promotion from Alphamale and are already registered in the Subscribe-O-Matic – you can still get it here @ Costa Rica Sim!

Part 2

Damiani certainly offers the biggest bag of goodies at Costa Rica, including a shape and a skin. Now that’s something you shouldn’t miss!

There’s also some great DFD – Jeans Gray with prim cuffs, a casual shirt, belt, hoodie and t-shirts included in the package. Even though some of you might know some or all of these items since I have blogged many of them before, it’s a great opportunity for those of you who missed them to get quality freebies.


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Today’s outfit is just as random as the hunt I’m participating in it. So random actually, that most of the items don’t even relate to the hunt, lol. But then I’m tired as you can see, so I decided to take a random break and shoot these pictures:


Necklace: Eolande’s Jewelry – Men’s Barbell Chain Necklace – Gunmetal (Random Hunt Gift # 14)

T-Shirt: A:S:SEngrish – Deepride (from 1 L$ Clearance Sale, which seems to be over now, sorry!)

Pants: !XTC! DesignsShamrocks Jeans (Gift for St. Patricks Day)

Ring: Virus Collection<VC> Birthstone Ring – 13 – Special Edition – Onyx (available for free till Sunday March 15th, 3pm SLT = Midnight German Time, so don’t be confused)

After picking up the Ring, don’t forget to visit the sim with its enchanted forest. Journey back into Celtic times and enjoy some magical moments!

PS: Some more random information! You can see the Woodpecker drumming on the tree behind me. You can buy them where I photographed this blog entry, LM at the end of the article.

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