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Just right now might be a good time to get those new items @ Le.Look! – a pair of pants made by Redgrave and a sweater/shirt combination made by WMD (right side of picture 1).

(click picture to enlarge)

Hair: Bryce Designs ~ Hinder – Coals – Flint (not free)


T-Shirt & Collar: JBH#149Chehalis Design

Belt: #169 Christmas Hunt StockingChehalis Design (comes with Tee)

Pants: :Robbish:X-masBox [Casual Blue (Clothing)] (only today, Friday Dec. 18th!!)

Shoes: Jeepers CreepersMen’s Creepers (Thanks for the heads up, Fast!)


Outfit: LE.LOOK! L’homme

Boots: MayCreationsBiker Boots w Belts (not free)

(click picture to enlarge)

Skin: Flirt! *GIFT* for Men and Women joining the Subscriber Group

Necklace: [NC]Pendant09-Smile-l-[GPGift-Box]-[1.1] (join Ncplus & Rooms group)

Last but not least, here I am with Shania Singh who blogs The Freebie Telegraph sporting all the goodies you can get right now from the Le.Look! “Advent Calendar”: Day 1-4.

(click picture to enlarge)


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Hi! Everybody still low on free underwear might want to take a trip to Costa Rica Sim to grab some of the gifts the local shop owners/designers have laid out for them near the landing point. Thanks, Annaluisa Bertolucci, for the heads up!

I’m wearing one of the Juju’s Closet Boxerz which come in grey and black but there’s other “builds” around. The t-shirt Monsterrrrrrrrr is from the same package but you can get others from WMD or B-side Couture.

The necklace is a gift from EMPEROR jewels and comes with bling on/off options. For the ring << VC >> GroupGift – Ring – Niflheim you have to travel elsewhere. Join Virus Collection and download their group gift from notices.

The Biker Boots are not free. They cost 40 L$ and can be bought from HOC Apparel. They offer two choices of buckle colours (silver, gold) and four choices of boot colours (black, grey, brown, burgundy).


PS: For all who missed the blue Polo Shirt promotion from Alphamale and are already registered in the Subscribe-O-Matic – you can still get it here @ Costa Rica Sim!

Part 2

Damiani certainly offers the biggest bag of goodies at Costa Rica, including a shape and a skin. Now that’s something you shouldn’t miss!

There’s also some great DFD – Jeans Gray with prim cuffs, a casual shirt, belt, hoodie and t-shirts included in the package. Even though some of you might know some or all of these items since I have blogged many of them before, it’s a great opportunity for those of you who missed them to get quality freebies.


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and we get to profit from it. WMD is no weapon of mass destruction but certainly a hit in the fashion world (just thinking of the nice WMD-X-Black leather Jacket a friend gave to me for Xmas).

And now here’s the opportunity to own a complete WMD (= Weird Monkey Design) outfit for free – not a bad way to start the day, not bad at all. 😉


Hair: Philotic Energy – PE Rhodri Mochachino-Gift (This Week’s Designer Gift @ Fabulous Fashion TV Studio).

While you are there, don’t forget to pick up the ::MECHANISM:: Freebies (blogged here by Takeshi) at the other end of the sideboard.

Eyes: Pulse, Eyes – Earth (top row, right)

Necklace: *LE.LOOK!* – Plate Tag Necklace (with Shadow, welcome gift on arrival when you get to LE.LOOK!)

Shoes: HOC ApparelMens Formal Dress Shoes (L$ 20)

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I know these were your fishbones. I just needed them for design purposes.”

Joanna1 Lewsey, owner of Neko Yo, makes such nice necklaces and wristbands out of them, and they don’t even smell – okay, maybe just a little.

And that gun (TalTECH – Raptor LoLSBS Pistol) I wear, isn’t loaded, just blanks in there. I won it on a lucky chair and it seemed ideal to do a few tough guy photo shoots: “Take a look, cool pose, right? But whom am I telling about shooting here, eh Frank?” 😉

Actually, I had a little trouble. See all those bandages (from Sociopath @ Vagabonds)? Most of them are off again but I keep the gun for self-defense purposes. Or do you see me draw?

“You see me draw right now, Frank? No, I don’t mean a few minutes back, that was just for show.”

Do I have a licence? “You’re no 007 yourself, Frank!” Asks me if I have a licence, cheeesh …!

Typical vigilante, no sense of humour. Doesn’t like me wearing this shirt (WMDSweater Skulled Vagabond grey -V-), he says.


“You are not the first one to turn a Jolly Roger into a sweatshirt, Frank! Go chase after someone else, cu around!”

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