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As you can see, this hunt has something for everybody: streetwear, casual look and/or retro elegance.

(click picture to enlarge)


Outfit (incl. Tattoo): # 1 JFTG Hunt :. WoE .:


Sweater: # 3 JFTG Hunt BeReal

Pants: INDI DesignsFreebie Surprise Puzzle – Week 5 (Dollarbie)


Hair: # 8 JFTG Hunt Audacity

Outfit: # 9 JFTG Hunt Mire

Please consider this: Hunt items, even complete stores might get moved, so I cannot guarantee the permanent accuracy of the LMs. Have fun hunting guys!


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Where I live, Xmas is celebrated for 3 days though gifts are only exchanged on the evening of the 24th.

Fortunately, in SL the gifting doesn’t stop, so here are some more goodies for you to collect:

(click picture to enlarge)

Eyes: #38 GLEY xtc Designs (also includes a skin)

Hair: Little Britain DesignsNight Raven (new but not free!)

Jacket & Pants: **W&D** Fashion DesignBuon Natale!!_male (available till Dec. 31st, join ***Wild & Demetra*** Fashion Design)


There are some new cool role-playing outfits to be had from the MM Boards @ Knights Innovations Main Mall.

One of them is Mercenery male 1 (hand pike not included), just 27 more slaps needed for the board to lock! Don’t wait too long!

(click picture to enlarge)


Last but not least here’s some unisex apparel: The Snow Hoodie group gift from Acid & Mala and the Tribal Jeans from WoE (check history of Subscribe-O-Matic for that one).

How far the latter is suited for you is not only a matter of taste. It also depends on whether you make it a matter of principle which way your fly is buttoned. I guess few of us would even notice, after all, it doesn’t really serve any practical purpose here in SL –  don’t you agree, lol?

(click picture to enlarge)

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Ok, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Necklace: SW FreebieNecklace/Kette “Elva” Kadhir (free on XstreetSL)

Outfit: POE globe #025 WoE

Gloves: !Never EverNE! Giftbox from Advent Calendar (today only!!)

Shirt (right): .::macho::. rockstar chimse

Shoes: GLOSSY DESIGN furniture – GLOSSY-A-shoes [dark grey] (free on XstreetSL)

And here’s another one:

Coat: PoE Globe #209 Juice .:. Fresh Menswear (comes in 3 sizes)

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Now you didn’t think I would dress up as an elf, did you? Phhh  …

Bad enough I have to wear a tie!

Cap&Hair, Tattoed Skin, Glasses: old freebies

Shirt: .::NOSOTR@S::. December Hunt 2nd {SH Red Boys & Girls} Dollarbie, get it fast!

Tie: !Never EverGiftbox # 3 from Advent Calendar (today only!!)

Pants: WoEGRJ-M6a Kole Jeans – Midnight (69L$ Hump Day Happiness, today only!!)

Leg Wrap: [Misfit] The Drummer Legband

Sneakers: ::Maschienenwerk:: LowTop II RED

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I love long weekends – those without work that is. So, no wonder you haven’t heard from me in a while. I admit to having been lazy in RL – no SL-hunts, no MM Board slapping, no freebie collecting – just relaxing. Fantastic!

Here’s some stuff I picked up before. You may have seen parts of it elsewhere but hopefully not in this combination, lol!


Hair: MADesigns – VIP Reward Picks Reward Gift (AKAMI ~ BWT I v2) blogged before

Skin: STYLES – VIP Package Male

Tank: Maschienenwerk – Used *Tank-Tops* 3 Colors (blogged before)

Necklace: Find Ash – “FA”Double Necklace/gift (FA Update Group gift)

Bracelet: Shopping Bag TQ #6 (Hunt prize from The Shopping Bag Treasure Quest. I’m sorry but you have to look for it)

Belt: #18 JFTG HuntWoE

Pants: Slice of Summer Hunt # 56Little Britain Designs – Hells Angels M

Boots: Little Britain Designs – New Rock Black Mad Max Boots (not free)

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Here are some ensembles from the JFTG Hunt I like the best.

The skin (*Pablo* Sunkissed/Bald/Shaved) used in these photographs is the new pick reward from [KA] DESIGNS.

tees 1



Outfit (including Glasses and Shoes): #27 JFTG Hunt[SS] Design



Polo Shirt: #25 JFTG HuntBalAni @ BeReal Fashion District (check the lamp)

Pants: #8 JFTG HuntJuice

Shoes: #42 JFTG HuntHeart And Sole



T-Shirt: #5 JFTG HuntPrimitive Design (check top of vendor)

Pants & Belt: #18 JFTG HuntWoE (check top of vendor)

Shoes: #42 JFTG HuntHeart And Sole

tees 2


Hair: Bryce Designs ~ Saul – Blacks – Tuxedo (Hair Fair freebie)

Shirt: #20 JFTG HuntArtful Cravings

Pants: #8 JFTG HuntJuice

Belt: #18 JFTG HuntWoE (check top of vendor)

Boots: Astaroth – Demon Boots Spiked (Lucky Chair Prize, blogged before)


Hair: Bryce Designs ~ Cosmo – Specials – Blue (Hair Fair freebie)

Tracksuit: #41 JFTG HuntEND

Pants: #22 JFTG HuntPEER Style

Shoes: #27 JFTG Hunt[SS] Design


Hair: #1 JFTG Hunt MADesigns HAIR ~ BILLY BOSTON C1 ~ RD III

Sweater: #28 JFTG HUNT:::LiNe:::

Pants: #23 JFTG HuntPerfectionist

Shoes: #42 JFTG HuntHeart And Sole


PS: No guarantee  that the items haven’t been moved and you have to search them!

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Not so easy getting those blog entries posted when you’re doin’ time.


Hoodie: DemisePile parker Black (only available till end of May, get it fast!!)

Pants: WoE – Guys – Feed Your Head (TTLG Hunt #6)

Shoes: MIRAI STYLERain Opening Gift (thanks, Othniel Mostel!)

I made my escape wearing some old clothes that I “borrowed” from the prison gardener. I knew they would be on the news fast, so I traded garb with a homeless guy I met before this juice bar.

Hopefully my new outfit and green contact lenses will keep me safe for a while, I have a job to do!


Eyes: Virtuoso SkinsHigh Quality Free Deep Green Eyes Gift

Outfit including Belt (left): Dirty Boyz – Journeyz (MM Prize at the newly opened Midnight Mania Slap-a-thon, a mall with dozens of small stores (booth style) each with one or more MM boards which are reloaded multiple times a day. Starts May 29th and will run until June 7th!)

Outfit including Belt (right): Trixxy’s Shop – Make Him Over Gift (MHOH #15 – part of the new Make-Him-Over-Hunt just for Men starting next Monday and running till June 30th.)

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